What is ACT-SO?


ACT-SO is an acronym for Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics. Its mission is to recognize, prepare, and reward African-American youth who exemplify scholastic and artistic excellence.

ACT-SO is designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.


ACT-SO includes 32 competitions in STEM, humanities, business, and performing, visual and culinary arts. Almost 350,000 young people have participated from the program since its inception.


ACT-SO is a yearlong enrichment program for high school students of African descent which culminates in a competition through which youth demonstrate prowess in science, humanities, performing and visual arts, and entrepreneurship.

Beaver County ACT-SO Students of the Month February 2020

Catherine Moran

Beaver Falls High School

Alawna Rose

Beaver Falls High School

Who Can Participate in ACT-SO?


Students of African descent who are enrolled in grades 9 through 12 and are U.S. citizens or legal residents are able to participate. 


Participants must be amateurs in their categories of competition, that is, a student who is or has been paid professionally is allowed to compete only in categories outside of his or her professional experience. 


For more information about how to get involved,  
please contact Carter Spruill:      beavercountynaacpactso@gmail.com.