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Music Vocal / Contemporary

The art of performing with the human voice rhythmic tones or sounds to produce music with the tones of the present.



1. Only one (1) song is to be performed, and it must not exceed five (5) minutes. (Contestants not adhering to the maximum time requirement are subject to point deduction.)


2. Musical accompaniment must be provided by the contestant either live or using a standard CD. The CD should contain only the instrumental version of the song. Contestants are encouraged to provide a backup CD.


3. Contestant must provide piano accompaniment.


4. The material must be memorized.


5. Costumes are not permitted. 6. Examples of contemporary music are Broadway, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Blues, etc.


Note: The deadline for submission of National registration documents is the first Friday in May. No materials or copies will be accepted at the National Competition.


Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria


Choice of Music (15 pts)

  1. Matched to vocal ability


Interpretation (20 pts)

  1. Expression

  2. Phrasing

  3. Style

  4. Tempo

  5. Arrangement


Stage presence (15 pts)

  1. Comfort on and control of stage

  2. Posture

  3. Rapport with audience


Technique (25 pts)

  1. Breathing

  2. Posture

  3. Rhythm

  4. Accuracy


Tone quality (25 pts)

  1. Beauty of sound

  2. Control

  3. Intonation and Diction

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