Dance/Ballet Guidelines


1. The solo performance must not exceed five (5) minutes. (Contestants not adhering to the maximum time requirement are subject to point deduction and/or disqualification.)


2. Costumes are optional, but should be appropriate to the choreography performed.


3. The theme and/or type of the performance must be identified to the judges prior to the presentation. Types include:

Classical Ballet,

Contemporary Ballet,

Neo-classical Ballet, or

Story Ballet.


4. The piece must be performed in ballet slippers/flats, or pointe/demi pointe shoes. Bare feet are acceptable only for Contemporary Ballet.



Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria:

• Technical Proficiency/Skill (25 pts)

        1. alignment

        2. strength

        3. endurance

        4. flexibility

        5. coordination

• Clarity and Consistency in Style (25 pts)

• Phrasing/Dynamics/Musicality (25 pts)

• Clarity of Intent/Interpretation of Choreography (25 pts)